About Real World Outcomes Ltd

Paul Nelson is the founder of Real World Outcomes Ltd. He is a Medical Doctor and is a Public Health Consultant with a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology. He is also a Health Tech entrepreneur, specialising in Digital Public Health, where technology is used to drive Public Health action. 

Paul founded Real World Outcomes, a digital public health agency as the home of the Fever Free Zone Movement out of his realisation that responsible businesses and the community must work together to help mitigate the risks imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He believes that early C19 symptom identification and reduction in the spread of C19 will not only create an additional layer of protection for businesses and customers alike, but it will also aid economic recovery.

As we move into a ‘new normal’ where social contracts are required to govern the right of access to economically vulnerable spaces, individuals must take personal responsibility to be free of symptoms and signs of communicable disease.

Paul believes that objective assessment of signs of disease, such as high body temperature, will help individuals learn the habit of this personal responsibility, slowing and where possible preventing the spread of this and future infections. 

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