C19 Specific Safety Measures

The UK and Scottish Government guidance around masks and face-coverings was slow to evolve, and so is guidance on body temperature assessment. Scientists still argue about where and how people should wear masks. Now even their biggest initial opponents accept that masks are part of the solution.

Many of us sensed this at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it turns out to be quite hard for scientists and governments to act on common sense which later becomes quite apparent.

There are traditionally two approaches to the development of guidelines for public health and Medicine.

  1. Evidence-based Medicine, where changes are only made based on substantial evidence using rigorous experimental evidence including randomised controlled trials
  2. Precautionary approach, where we take simple, sensible steps in the absence of rigorous experimental evidence and then monitor and modify advice regularly.

In non-pandemic conditions, the Evidence-based approach is the best because it does the least harm. However, in pandemic conditions, there isn't time to wait for experimental confirmation and those countries that have taken more precautionary measures have done far better in minimising spread, deaths, and keeping their economies open. 

Some people have no symptoms but are still contagious for Covid-19 for the duration of the infectious period.

Many others develop symptoms after a few days.

Identifying high temperatures early and getting those people tested, ensures that the least number of contagious people are on the highstreet potentially infecting others.

Also, contactless thermometer body temperature assessment is imperfect, and there are both false positives and false negatives, however, our training materials and online portal will help your business to learn how to use the thermometer correctly and so minimise this.

Importantly, identifying people with a raised temperature by highstreet businesses acts as a community-wide sieve to pick up people with symptoms and then directing them to NHS Test Track and Trace.

Every extra person identified in this way who then tests positive is one less to cause an outbreak; this contributes to ending the pandemic and irradiating the disease once and for all. 

We are also collaborating with researchers to ensure we build the best evidence we can for everything we do, and we will tweak things as that evidence points to how we can improve.

So Body Temperature assessment is not a perfect solution, but it is an extra layer, it does allow us to be safer than otherwise.

That means we need to pay attention to all the other layers too, which means hygiene, cleanliness, mask-wearing, and social distancing, these remain important.

Our training portal provides learning modules and assessments for you and your staff.  We provide up to date even as it comes from different authorities and changes and even contradictions itself. Our medical and epidemiology experts interpret this for you and will help you to adhere to the current guidelines and ensure you have the best advice. You will also have somewhere to turn when you are unsure about how to interpret ever-changing government guidelines that do not apply correctly to your business. When you pass the training modules (completed in 30 minutes), you are ready to create your own  Fever Free Zone and display the badge of compliance


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