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Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

I am a  Medical Doctor, Clinical Epidemiologist, Public Health Consultant (experience contact tracing), Health Tech founder. I have become more and more depressed and disappointed by the UK's response to Covid-19.  I realise my life has changed beyond recognition and I want my old one back.  I see the months and even years ahead settling into a yoyoing of less, and then more, social distancing which will keep businesses and our lives partially throttled. I realised that we all need to take individual responsibility for not being part of the problem and indeed being part of the solution. We must be willing to change our way of thinking and change our public behaviour if that is necessary. We must do whatever it takes to irradicate the disease.

As things stand, although I want the partial lockdown limbo to end but fear it appears to be here to stay.

I was so pleased when the UK and the Scottish government announced the bringing back of Test Track and Trace (know as Test and Protect in Scotland where I live) because I know with that we can potentially finally eradicate the virus by following up everyone who has it and identifying and carefully watching their close contacts. Test Track and Trace can work but there is a big BUT. To do so, Test, Track and Trace needs to have a community-wide 'net' to catch the new cases and not just the people who go to the doctor by themselves and who then have a test. Currently, that is the way that Test Track and Trace obtain leads to follow up. 

What about the people who do not get tested? Those that feel a bit 'off,  the ones who feel a bit warm but think it is most likely nothing, and who go out to the high street. These people are missed in the current system. 

I realised that unless Test Track and Trace can find those people; this Covid-19 nightmare will never end.

However, I realised that if we all work together, we can help those people identify themselves.

I aslo realised that maybe just maybe we can all help to make this terrible affliction go away if:

  1. I, as a customer, take responsibility to  have my temperature assessed use the Fever Free Pass (easily and freely downloadable without going to the app store and storing minimal information about you).
  2. Businesses require the pass and assess temperatures to validate fever free statuses on the App and
  3. If  the NHS will work with us so that the app can then asked people with a high temperature to send their details to the NHS Test Track and Trace

So that is how it began. I had this idea, and that idea led to me talking to others and led to others getting on board and led to the beginnings of the Fever Free Movement.

I am asking you, also, to join the Fever Free Movement. I am asking you to ensure you are fever free, that your home is fever free, that your business and place of work are fever free and that when it isn't then getting a Covid-19 test.

I ask that you, also,  take that responsibility yourself and that you expect others also to take responsibility to know if we have symptoms and to get tested if we do. That way, we can bring this Covid-19 nightmare to an end.

As a resident of Edinburgh, my mission is to see Edinburgh as the first Fever Free city that can open its doors proud in the knowledge that its business people have taken action to ensure it is as safe as it can possibly be to visit.  After Edinburgh, Scotland and why stop there?



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