In a nutshell what is Fever Free Zone all about ?

"FeverFreeZone is an initiative that sets out to help us all change and be proactive in being part of the solution to C19 and not part of the problem. FFZ is a membership quality accreditation scheme for responsible businesses who train, are assessed, and are quality assured to adhere to the govt advice regarding C19 measures required in their business sector. In addition, businesses are trained to offer temperature assessment using a clinically recognised contactless thermometer according to a Standard Operating Procedure.  The temperature triggers a status page on the customer’s mobile phone indicating they are “fever free” in which case they get frictionless access to participating businesses, for six hours or else if they are NOT fever free (i.e. the temperature assessment is 37.8 or greater) the app directs them to seek advice from the NHS and if consent is obtained  (potentially) connects directly into the NHS test track and trace workflow.  Responsible businesses become gatekeepers to the economy and offer customers fever free space, both recognise their part to play in the eradication of C19.  Test Track and Trace get a a pipeline of possible cases identified at the threshold to economically vulnerable spaces.  We all are reminded that the right to enter economically vulnerable spaces and ultimately the shape of our future is tied to our individual responsibility to do what we can not to infect others. FeverFreeZone is not a panacea but an extra layer, in addition to C19 measures such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands regularly. "


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