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Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

Hyperlocal symptom-screening is not only the task of a responsible citizenry, but it also gives us all agency in an increasingly uncertain future.


Covid-19 threatens to be with us for some time despite valiant attempts at control through social distancing and hygiene measures.

While one infectious case remains in the community, the threat of an outbreak that will shut down a business, a street and a neighbourhood remain a real and present danger.

As social distancing reduces either through human fatigue or else through government guidance, as it must to open up the economy back up to maintain our way of life, the chances of the epidemic returning are high.

NHS Test Track and Trace (Test and Protect) is a massive part of the solution, but it does not capture those cases which do not get tested, they remain in the community providing embers to rekindle a full lockdown.

It was Napoleon who called the British a Nation of Shopkeepers. Business owners become the Gatekeepers, with a Dunkirk spirit, protecting businesses by asking our staff and customers to take responsibility to be tested for high body temperature in exchange for the right to enter enclosed economically active spaces.

We can not wait for governments or scientists to save us, we must take action into our own hands subscribing to the Fever Free Zone scheme, assessing body temperature and accepting a Fever Free Pass on a mobile phone. or simply only taking a Fever Free Pass

In doing so, we are:

  1. Creating our individual Feverfree spaces and protecting our businesses and communities. We are also participating in creating a Bubble of Feverfree companies of all types where staff can feel safer, and customers can come knowing the team and customers have a healthy body temperature.   
  2. Identify people with symptoms and helping them accessing Test Track and Trace before they cause to spread, 
  3. Participating in creating a crowd-powered COVID-19 Community Screening Programme, identifying possible COVID-19 cases and getting them tested before they can damage our or other businesses or can pass on the disease to their vulnerable loved ones and friends.

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