What is Fever Free Zone (FFZ)?

FFZ is a scheme for the new hyperlocal economy. Businesses sign up for a compliance membership, communities consent to having their temperature taken at the point-of-access. When their temp is normal, a pass is issued that appears on a mobile phone by the exchange of QR code magic indicating that an individual is ‘fever free’ and the pass then offers 6 hours of access to participating high street shops and businesses.

How does it work?

There are two routes, one for businesses and one for the general public. Businesses sign up, pay a joining fee (waived for early adopters) and subscribe to the monthly membership after completing a short (60-mins) online training and assessment and once compliant are awarded scheme membership as an accredited Fever Free Zone business. 

Members of the general public use the mobile phone based ‘progressive web app’ (means they don’t have to download anything from the App Store) to get their temperature taken and encourage others to do the same!  This creates a fever free bubble where a like-minded community of high street visitors can gather safely in the knowledge that they have low friction access to a fever free bubble created by responsible business owners.

Who is it for?

FFZ is for responsible business owners who want to minimise the risk of C19 to their staff and customers and who are prepared to take action to do so. 

FFZ is for members of the public who recognise the ongoing danger of C19 and recognise their own responsibilities while wanting to get their life back as far as possible to normal. FFZ allows them to ensure they minimise their own risk and that of their vulnerable loved ones and others they meet out in the world. 

FFZ is for anyone who wants to be part of the solution to C19 and not part of the ongoing problem.

How much does it cost?

For the visitors to the high-street FFZ is a free app available for download from the website directly to a smartphone (no need to access the android or iOS app store). 

For responsible businesses, FFZ has a tiered subscription and monthly membership fee based on the size of the business. Click here for more information about pricing.

How does a business sign up?

Click here to see the options and sign up.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log into your account on the Fever Free Zone website, click on the avatar icon at the top right of the page and select 'Settings'.  Then select 'Billing info', again in the top right of the page and the in the 'Active Subscriptions' section, find the Fever Free Zone subscription and select 'Cancel'.  Your subscription will be cancelled from the next billing cycle.

What if people are asymptomatic?

Research evidence suggests that up to 30% of people have no symptoms at the time that they are tested positive for C19. However some of these people, perhaps a large proportion, go on to develop symptoms from  2 or 3 days after they become contagious (on average people are contagious for approximately 14 days). 

Based on these figures, cutting down the time that a contagious person is out and about would reduce the risk to staff and customers by up to 80%. Also, many people who exhibit C19 risky behaviour are likely to avoid fever free zones decreasing risk still further in the feverfreezone bubble.  

Why do you recommend taking peoples temperature every 6 hours? 

6 hours is short enough to catch anyone with an emerging temperature, yet long enough to have a satisfactory experience on the high street. It means that someone with emerging symptoms can be picked up quickly and pose as little risk as possible to fever free zones.  

Six hours is also short enough to remind us all that our C19 symptom status is important and that we shouldn’t forget about it, like brushing our teeth, we need to be C19 hygienic and take care that none of us are a risk to others.  With this in mind Fever Free Zone even recommends that each member of the public assesses their symptoms (including a dry cough, shortness of breath and loss of taste and smell)  and also takes their temperature each morning just to be sure, before they go out.

What about the bigger picture?

Fever Free Zones will contribute to the elimination of C19. As we all get on board and as the shopkeepers (and other business owners)  become gatekeepers, we all safeguard the economy by identifying symptomatic people. Businesses, harnessing the Dunkirk Spirit, will create a Cordon Sanitaire or Community Screening Programme that is currently lacking and not even possible to be provided in the usual way via public services. 

Why is community screening important?

It closes the loop. As things stand there is some remaining Covid-19 in the community and as long as R0 stays below 1 this will not turn into a second wave. However as the economy opens up more and more, R0 will creep up. Once R0 is greater than 1, viral spread will be exponential, with a doubling time of approximately 4 days as we saw in early April,  so 10 cases will become >300,000 cases in a 2 month period (without bringing back lockdown). This means a twilight zone of yoyo lockdown with a semi-throttled economy for the foreseeable future unless we can “mop up” cases who are not currently referring themselves for testing (up to 70% according to latest figures from ONS).  Fever Free Zone creates a wide net, cast across the community, to protect the economy. It is the only proactive approach to symptom screening that has been proposed in the UK. 

About Dr Paul Nelson 

Paul Nelson, Paul is a Medical Doctor, has a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology and is a Public Health Consultant and founder of health technology businesses. He conceived Fever Free Zones for early C19 symptom identification and reduction in the spread of C19 while aiding economic recovery. He has built a team with the necessary experience and skills to build this product. Paul has already invested considerably into Fever Free Zones and has developed a proof of concept and demonstrated appetite among businesses and the public.


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